Saturday, 1 June 2013

A car show

Today we had a car show. I did a pregnancy test in the morning and it was negative but I'm still hopeful that this cycle may have worked I mean it's still a couple of days before I'm actually supposed to do the test although if I'm totally honest I don't think it has worked again.

The car show was nice as usual. The weather was nice and very hot when the sun was out. Again there were a few people there we knew and do you know what, I really am fed up with people asking me about my job, 'been anyway nice recently', that's all they ever ask and it really is getting very boring now, especially after 17 years!! I'm not a major fan of my job anymore and I'd love to leave but to do what?? Anything, at least then they'd stop asking the stupid questions.
Sadly I don't think that's an option right now and for now I have to keep flying!

I sound really narky at the moment don't I? I'm not usually, usually I'm very calm but with all this that's going on I'm feeling stressed and I really just have energy for the IVF at the moment, that's all and nothing more.

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